games startups


First even hybrid gaming platform

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion™

The ONLY cushion that brings you an immersive audio experience


FinTech app that simplifies personal investing.

MiniWager LLC

Win Ether playing video games against your peers!

kids cycle wash and repair

This game will help the kids to ride bicycle

Devax Games

Bring awesome games to the web, iOS, and Android.

VIP Limo: Crime City Case 3D

Cover art VIP Limo: Crime City Case 3D Game Rivals - Hunting and Shooting Games Simulation Rated for

internet of Elephants

We're on a mission to engage millions of people across the world with real wildlife using tech

Tailored Riddles

Put your story into a riddle.

Rebond – Personal trivia that connects you to events!

Personal trivia that connects you to events!


In-app Merchandise for Game Developers

4 Pics 1 Word

Four pictures that have one word in common

Voxel Ghost

Mobile Game Publisher & Developer


The Art of Visual Storytelling

Egg Static

A Endless 2D Adventure

Player XP

The only review aggregation platform dedicated to mobile games


Automatic exercise and play for your dog


Designer-Driven 3D Printing Subscription Box & Marketplace

MJOM Cards

The nerdy card game you've been waiting for!


Promote Apps, Game and provide services

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