FinTech app that simplifies personal investing.

Monday, July 30, 2018

BullBear is a fantasy finance application that helps new investors learn how to trade in the financial markets. Configured for all smartphones and tablets, the platform tracks real asset prices from exchanges in the UK and USA. Each user can play public portfolio making competitions to gain league promotions and informational prizes. They begin in the bottom league- Penny, and can rise up to the top league - Blue Chip, by placing in the top half of competitions. Every competition focuses on a certain market or sector of assets and comes with fundamental insights and news updates about each instrument, its sector, and the exchange its traded on. 'S&P 500 Stocks' and 'Wolves of George Street' being two examples of equity based competitions in the bottom league. The app seeks to give people the confidence to invest in the real financial markets by investing with dummy money first. Users that trade their way up to Blue-Chip have the opportunity to win various rewards and informational prizes!

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