android startups

Pickvideo app

Watch videos of the best-rated songs on Billboard, Spotify, Itunes and YouTube.


Ultimate Cryptocurrency news aggregator


Save location-based content on your own personal map

Multi Eagle Metal Robot

Enjoy the most demanding Multi Eagle Metal Robot vs Robotic Machines action simulation.


Zer-code Visual programming language

Brainwave Research and Engineering Ltd.

A charity trying to create safe superintelligence.

Pen Pals

Make friends, not followers.


Invest your spare change in cryptocurrencies

Mountain Hop - Android game

Great game for Android phone


Howl is the platform that connects friends, events and event organizers.


A white-label WhatsApp that lets enterprises build their own private chat channels

Task Nearby

Tailor-made, battery efficient location reminders using AI

Max Shooter Survival: Last Day Battleground

Get ready for an action in this Max Shooter Survival: Last Day Battleground


FinTech app that simplifies personal investing.


Mobile KPI dashboard application


Discover Health

TEDI Studio

Apps and video games development, VR, AR

Money Lockup

Pokemon Go for savings - Use AR to hide money from yourself all over town!


A weather app that turns rain into donations

PK Fitness

PK Fitness is an effort-based workout tracker

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