Helping discover your food triggers

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Many people struggle with digestive issues on a regular basis. In addition, there may be a higher percentage of people who struggle with negative impacts based on their diet on a more infrequent basis. With HealthyYou, we are taking a conscientious approach to aiding you in the easiest way possible to help track your food intake in a way that helps identify what dietary categories may impact your day to day. Over time, our anonymous data intake will train our app to help identify foods you consume as potential areas of concern based on your diet restrictions and your normal tendencies. Without the overhead of other apps, we strive to bring you an app experience that gives you the ability to help hone in on your diet and give you the most comprehensive approach to help manage whatever it is that you tend to consume on a daily basis. While those of us who created this app are not physicians, there are some of us who suffer from digestive issues ourselves, so we care about the outcome of this product, and hope those who struggle at times will also appreciate our approach to make all of our lives easie

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