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Seamlessly Connect Moments, Where Spontaneity Meets Organization!

ScanMate: AI QR Scanner

ScanMate: Your AI QR Scanner for lightning-fast code scans

Banana Gun Roguelike

A mobile game that touch your soul


Create new connections, alone or with a friend or partner.

Shooter Mobile Game

Battle online with other players from all four corners of the world, and be the one with the highest score!

Magnet To Money App


Mobile App Builder No-Code & Low-Code


The social content pipeline for storytellers


App that helps you create short-form videos faster and smarter using AI


A web note-taking app for creative people that combines the best from text editors and whiteboards.


A Mobile Metaverse Fueled by the Ethereum Blockchain

Stand 8

The Journal, Productivity and Activity Tracking App focused on well-being!


Combine process data in the cloud - pivot data on a phone

MYLE-Make Your Life Entertaining

Eliminating the need to search for events.


An singular, AI-based space to manage life


Helping discover your food triggers

eBlitz Ltd

Find Better Teammates In One Swipe


App that uses Machine Learning algorithms to predict the affective state of a child from his drawings


AVDA is an app that matches job seekers and companies with a mobile friendly experience.

Mosobna app

App launching on iOS and Android

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