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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Affirmations have always been a great way to attract your desires, but the process has always been slower than it needs to be. This is because the skeptical part of your brain raises unconscious roadblocks. But when you add MUSIC to your affirmations it creates a dynamic synergy of BOTH hemispheres of your brain. This counteracts your brain’s objections, giving you a clear, unobstructed, lightning-fast path to wealth. And with the Magnet to Money APP, you can become an unstoppable force for RAPIDLY attracting money into your life and gaining Higher Consciousness. The Magnet to Money APP has many powerful, manifestation features such as: • Play The Magnet to Money Affirmation Song On The APP • Set Reminders So You Stay On Track All Day Long • Listen To Loads Of Powerful Success Affirmations • 8-Minute Morning Meditations Covering So Many Positive Topics • Many Visualization Programs • The Angel Prosperity Sleep Program • The Magnet To Money Audiobook by Bob Proctor And Michele • And So Much More! Adding Content Every Month Give yourself permission to imagine more money coming in. It’s OK to think about what having a better lifestyle would mean for you. Your brain just needs to be exposed to a new way of thinking on a daily basis. That’s what this APP is all about. And all this for the price of a cup of coffee OR try it for Free on a trial basis. This Magnet to Money APP contains the most POTENT products for transmitting Light, and it is all for YOU!

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