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Grain 1.0

A tool for listeners to capture & share understanding ๐Ÿ‘‚

Latest programming news ranked by developers for developers

Adobe XD for Visual Studio Code

Create and consume Design System Packages

Zoom out the Vote

Generate custom Zoom backgrounds to help your friends vote

Every single company working on self-driving cars

Chroma Signet

An open source barcode that makes supply chains transparent

Just Launched

Product hunt but only one featured product a day

Metorik for Shopify

Superpowers for your Shopify store

Gather Town

Build virtual spaces to connect, collaborate and celebrate.

Reports by Yaguara

The way to centralize data and provide context for a story.

Be richer than anyone (as long as nobody pays more than you)

Telltrail 2.0

Sentiment analysis and team metrics visualization for Slack


Make an eye-catching profile pic to explode your social media growth, powered by AI

Medical social networking service

SVG Favicon Maker

Design Stripe-like favicons in seconds

Abot 3.0

Simple anonymous feedback and polls for Slack

Automated upselling and cross-selling

Fuse Studio

Easily create your own custom currency and mobile wallet

Knowable Memberships

Spotify for learning

My Evil Doll

Make yourself into an Evil Doll with AI

Create banner with 30 resizes in a minute.

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