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Newest Startups

Save My Shirt!

That box of old, nostalgic t-shirts you save, but digital

Element Hunter

Auto search relevant photos and videos for content creators

AppFollow 8.0

Make data-driven decisions to build tremendous CX

Awesome OSS Developer Security Tools

A curated list of free OSS developer-first security tools

Aryson PDF Unlocker

Best tool to unlock the encrypted PDF files effectively

Colossyan Creator

Videos with AI actors, easy and save time on video recording

RevOS Customer Health Score Template

Calculate customer health score and predict churn

Intro & Outro Templates by FlexClip

Create killer video intros and outros from 900+ templates

Monecate: Money Manager

Manage your money in fun way

WhatsApp Link Generator

Create click-to-chat WhatsApp links for your business

Epics - Decentralized Crowdsourcing DApp

A decentralized crowdsourcing platform for open-source devs

PT Champion

A platform for PTs to train clients in the gym or online

Job Hunt Stack

Collection of niche job boards & Twitter threads in ClickUp

Quick API

Convert your CSV data into API product

999+ Idea Bank

999+ viral tweet ideas to build an audience on Twitter

Fragile UI kit for Figma

Beauty tips, trends & styles

Empower your customers with self-service status tracking

Zoom for LiveChat

Create Zoom meetings with your clients straight in the chat

Hff Products

A search tool to find winning products from million of items

CV Builder for No-coders

Build a NoCoder resume to land freelance jobs

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