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Treasure Hunt

A scavenger hunt app for kids, powered by machine learning

Social Media Canvas

A one page social media plan.

Mapping the crypto community using mathematics

Haven Life Plus

It’s not just easier life insurance, its an easier life.

Stronghold Platform APIs

A digital wallet in every pocket

Latinxs Who Design

A directory of thriving Latinxs in the design industry.

Service List

List of online companies that offer unlimited services


Get notified when travel plans overlap with your friends

Advanced broadcast analytics for the gaming industry

Unruly Bastards

The party same of competitive inappropriateness

Crazybaby Air 1S

Wireless earbuds designed for sports


The product and project management tool with built-in prioritization for Agile teams


Instant, Ephemeral Environments from any GitHub Branch

Tribe of Five

The power of accountability to build better habits

Plum Head

Listen to web feeds on your smart speaker using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.


Branch Transformation strategy

Simple Analytics

Simple, clean, and privacy-friendly analytics πŸ“Š

Amazon Scout

A machine learning Pinterest competitor. Shop with πŸ‘or πŸ‘Ž.

Originals Plus

Sponsored content for enterprises

Sublime Merge

Git, done Sublime

Tennis Champ

Android app that helps to track your tennis matches.

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