Newest Trending Startups

Crop Selector

Crop selection and scheduling tool for sustainable farming

Who Pays Technical Writers?

Curated, crowdsourced publications for coders

Cabana Health

Easily sync mindfulness nutrition & fitness data w/ friends

Create engaging travel visualisation videos

Music and creator smart links, analytics, pre-save & more


Find events, meet new people, hire professionals

Artemis Dashboard for Tailwind CSS

A new UI library for busy developers by the Shuffle team

Snapod Beta

The better independent podcast hosting platform

Crypto Corgis

Crypto corgis live (and die) on the blockchain

React Marketplace

Marketplace to share, buy and sell for React.js components


Get your software on Google’s 1st page


Save the internet with one click


Take actions to help improve your website scores above competition.

Screen Sizes

A complete guide for Apple displays

Hoverify 2.0

All-in-one browser extension for web development

iBucket 5.0

Achieve goals, organise lists & plan trips together

LeetCode Interview

Online coding interview platform for professionals

Retro Party Board

Collaborative real time sprint retrospective board.

Ace ASL by SignAll

AI-based app providing immediate feedback on signing

Humor only programmers can understand

Notion Hub

Productivity tool to manage your tasks in Notion

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