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Hemingway Editor Plus

Make your writing clear and concise with AI

Inbox Report

Compare your email workload with other busy professionals

Makisoda Beta

The simple video hosting service

Hey AI

AI to AI universe for dating, build AI cupid for everyone


Streamline weeks of travel planning in seconds


Data scraping made simple


Visualize your finances with AI


Empowering innovation with collaborative engineering

Speech to Note

Turn your voice into written notes


The home of open-source generative AI

Model playground by Keywords AI

The easiest way to do output iteration with Llama3.1 405B


3.1-405B: an open source model to rival GPT-4o / Claude-3.5

folk 3.0

The CRM for companies who care about people

Invue Prep

Mock interviews with AI


AI powered spaced repetition learning with flash cards


Who does your child resemble more? Let AI settle the debate

Glasp: Easily Save and Highlight Images

Easily save and highlight important images and text

Ursula Tarot

Tarot reading assistant on Telegram

Luggage Losers

Live ranking of airlines by how much luggage they are losing


Convert text to speech online, no word limit

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