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# Startup Description
1 DeepAffects A.I for Emotional Intelligence
2 FoundersBeta Online global community of founders, innovators, and professionals
3 Replug Add a call-to-action to any link you share
4 Dropped: Drag & Drop Clipboard Dropped: is this the missing desktop for iPad?
5 eisedo A task manager that auto-prioritises your to-do list
6 Form up, Build, Distribute
7 jsDelivr A free, fast, and reliable Open Source CDN.
8 Kloudtalk Let customers make free calls from your website, mobile apps and CRMs, all in single platform
9 Guidesquare Let the visual content guide you.
10 Detailed Content marketing case studies. Daily.
11 waboxapp WhatsApp API to integrate your WhatsApp accounts with your systems
12 Clearvue Use your camera to help you text and walk confidently.
13 DiscoverGeek Search Engine for Pop-Culture and Geeky Merchandise.
14 InterFitEx The first International Fitness Experience
15 SmileWidget 100% free website feedback
16 Dibloc The first modular social webApp based on sharing time contents.
17 KiSSFLOW Automate Work. Reduce Chaos.
18 Guardyman Guardyman mobile application for location-based crime analysis and monitoring.
19 Masters of Mindfulness The world's most complete mindfulness app
20 subill Subscription Billing Solution