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# Startup Description
1 Truss Create passive income from your knowledge and expertise
2 Awesome Indie Explore micro-startups made by indie makers or small teams
3 Link-in-bio landing pages for web3 communities
4 Pages by Scribe Create beautiful process documents, fast
5 Kano Survey Tool Platform to run and analyse customer satisfaction surveys
6 Lofi FM online lofi music player
7 Groupmail Free Free newsletter app for Mac, Windows & Linux
8 Margin Calculator Margin and profit margin calculator
9 SimpleHold Wallet Simple and secure wallet for all your cryptocurrency
10 Fellow’s Desktop tray app Visualize & manage your meetings with the click of a button
11 The NFT Booster Online community to validate and promote NFT ideas
12 Digital Bookshelf A Notion space to store your content, notes and learnings.
13 GetFlix VPN Global network of DNS servers
14 Bulk Email Verifier Validates email addresses, checks deliverability
15 To-Do Board Making lists & notes for collaboration should be simple.
16 Accelerator Hunt The biggest startup accelerator database on the web
17 Beautify Github Profile Create a beautiful and attractive github profile very easy
18 Camera to Cloud Get camera footage to collaborators anywhere in the world
19 Detailed category and product insights on all things Amazon
20 Email Comments Add Google Docs like comments to Gmail

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