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# Startup Description
1 Penpal Café Find a person you can share your observations with.
2 Rich like Bill How to get rich like Bill Gates through the Gates Method
3 Aurelium Life OS All-in-one life organizer in Notion
4 Ultimate Notion Workout System Plan and track your workouts, in Notion
5 Bitcoin Is Dead? See precisely how wrong Bitcoin haters have been
6 Create social cover images that get you followers
7 HASHTAG NFTs by Proof of Culture Preserve modern culture with the world’s first Hashtag NFT!
8 NFTNDX.IO View and verify the authenticity of NFTs with this index
9 Reddit Bests Discover products trending on reddit
10 Speed Dating by Facebook No public profiles, no swiping
11 Super Simple Stories Bite-sized videos on tech innovations
12 Albacross Free Find companies that are interested in you right now
13 New Telegram Web Modern web messenger for mobile and desktop
14 Remotehour Paid Call Receive calls, get paid
15 UpNote for Android The most pleasant notes app on Android, Mac, Windows and iOS
16 Landing Page Checklist Build your landing page with these 100+ tools
17 VaxYes - Digital Vaccine Card Free, secure, verified, digital vaccine card
18 A 2.5D space for art and videos
19 Accessibility Checker Pro WordPress accessibility auditing & WCAG testing plugin
20 My Twitter Bookmarks Easily categorize your twitter bookmarks to be read later