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# Startup Description
1 Fake Info Generator Generate fake user info for all your needs
2 The Tonic Become 1% better, every week
3 Strabo The portfolio tracker for the global citizen
4 Tiny Acquisitions Where the best tiny projects are acquired
5 Bullet Planning Bullet journaling made simple
6 IPRoyal Pawns Earn money by sharing your internet connection
7 Mirror Magnet Live camera image that stays on top of everything else
8 White Label Tools An online directory of white label opportunities
9 Bzaar B2B Cross Border Marketplace
10 Consistent Beta Get six pack abs in 16 weeks
11 Model Hunt Find models in your area
12 Tikumi Coffee Flash sales from the most-loved cafés around the world
13 Weglot WordCount How many words do you have on your website?
14 Art by an AI The daily prompt competition. Winning prompts become art!
15 Hacker News Daily Never miss a top story again
16 One Account 1 click sign-ups
17 Treppr Entrepreneurial marketplace
18 REaD EyE Reader app where the text moves along eye shape
19 Airbnb for Podcasters and Advertisers
20 Browse AI Train a robot to scrape any website in 2 mins with no-code

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