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# Startup Description
1 WhatsApp + WhatsApp Reminders
2 Zenia - AI Yoga Teacher Your AI virtual yoga assistant 🧘
3 Bullshit Product Generator Hipsters will buy anything. Find your unique product to sell
4 Kronos InTouch DX Say hello to the time clock of the future
5 Simple Scraper Turn any website into an API in just a few seconds.
6 Getting organized has never been this easy
7 Self SEO Simple do-it-yourself SEO for startups small business.
8 Modalyst Dropshipping Automation Software for Ecommerce Businesses
9 Alphahōm Care Go Personal alarm designed for your peace of mind
10 Loop Plugin to get interactive feedback from your customers inside your website
11 Product/Market Fit Survey Check how close your product is to Product/Market fit
12 Calendar Insights by Clockwise Do you have enough Focus Time? See how you compare 🔎
13 Form Builder by Webiny Visual form builder. OpenSource, serverless and dev-friendly
14 HDR Plus+ Choose best exposures with a tap and shoot great HDR images
15 Privacy Alert by Instart Check if your personal information is at risk on websites
16 Free Knowledge Base by Dashly Optimize your customer support with Knowledge Base by Dashly
17 Singleton UI Kit Stylish and playful layouts for beautiful landings
18 The North Star Playbook The ultimate North Star guide ⭐
19 Drift Video for Mobile Record fast, personalized videos on the go
20 Planable Advent Calendar Get a new gift every day. Guaranteed.