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Every day, we examine and rank the top 20 most popular startup submissions.

# Startup Description
1 Woven Calendar An intelligent calendar
2 Discovr.y AR Discovery & Exploration App
3 Fast Poll Create instant, real-time polls for free
4 niomatic Zer-code Visual programming language
5 Novel Effect Music and sounds follow along as you read aloud together.
6 Press Kite Easily gain press coverage for your startup
7 My Resume Format Make a professional resume in five minutes
8 Sections Wireframe Kit Biggest library of layouts for web prototyping
9 Beta Actionable guidance and analysis by Google
10 Fiets & Fiets A Versatile Backpack For Everyday Adventure
11 Sweet Pea App The #1 new dating app
12 Design merchandise in AR and order production immediately
13 Email Planner The Email Campaign Planner For Last-Minute Marketers
14 InSimu Patient Diagnose virtual clinical cases
15 AdiĆ³s Stop email interruptions, only receive emails 3 times a day
16 Brandwatch Audiences Instant audience insights
17 Ecommerce Hub Your go-to hub for e-commerce tools & resources
18 My World Revolutionary Ground breaking war based startegy game
19 Shot X Consume post-drinking and avoid rough mornings
20 Fiets & Fiets A Versatile Backpack For Everyday Adventure