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Newest Startups

Idea Pioneering 2.0

Practical recommendations on generating hellishly good ideas

Markopolo ai 2.0

AI that monitor & manage all your advertising campaigns 24/7

Klynk App

Connecting the dots in your cooking journey

Markopolo AI 2.0

Time to automate paid marketing for higher returns

one sec × Structured Integration

You’ve got things to do: block apps during incomplete tasks

Teamjet Goals OKR Tracker

Free OKR tracker for individuals and teams

Ephemeral environments by Bunnyshell

Quickly spin up dev environments on Kubernetes.

Talk Football, with Football people

Main Street Data

Stock KPIs, Fundamentals, and Revenue/Expense Segmentation

Naval Ravikant by Inspirational People

A resource about Naval Ravikant with interviews and more.

Free Illustrations by Dorik

200+ Free Illustrations for your next project

Calmerry for Startups

Take time for your well-being in the startup hustle

A Twitter rescue kit for brands & creators from Unlock Labs

WhichIsAI (The Game)

Find the AI-generated image out of a list of real images.

micro Dalle-2

Pay-as-you-go Dalle-2 Image Generator Powered by Bitcoin⚡

NannyML Regression v0.8.0

OSS Python library for detecting silent ML model failure

2023 Planner

Accomplish your 2023 goals, in 52 weekly sprints.

Agilefox Standups for Jira

Auto-generate daily standups for your teams

IDWise Identity Verification, eKYC & AML

Next-gen AI-based global ID verification

Check Warranty Info (CW)

Multiple check the serial numbers of Lenovo, Dell, Apple, HP

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