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Newest Startups

Allo for Zoom

Enhance your Zoom meetings with visual collaboration

Hive Notes For Zoom

Get work done in meetings.

Polly for Zoom Apps

Instant, live engagement in your Zoom meetings

Avoma Assistant for Zoom Apps

Make your Zoom Meetings actionable and smarter

Flora Health

Mental health for the Asian community

Reloadly Gift Cards API

API allowing users to send gift cards within 5 seconds 🎁

Capchase Expense Financing

Buy now, pay later for your business spend

FinOps 2.0

Transform cloud finance data into actionable insights!

Figma Discord Presence

Adds Rich Presence activity to Discord for Figma

Bauhaus Art Generator

Generate your hieratic style.

Freelancer Club

Collaborate, showcase, work

Pay It Forward

Back an African entrepreneur and see your impact multiply

Email Spam Words Api

Free API to list all email spam words in different languages


Team building on Slack

SaaS Blocks for Tailwind

Tailwind-based UI Kit to make your next SaaS website!

Octane AI Conversational Pop-Ups

A smarter breed of pop-ups for Shopify & Shopify Plus stores

Short Form

Morning Brew for newsletters

MarqVision - AI Brand Protection

Anti-Counterfeiting for Global Brands

beta Q

A twitter feed of big moves from top ETF managers (e.g. ARK)



A new way to connect with each other.

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