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Hacker News Slack Bot

Get Slack notifications for HN mentions

Rewardful Affiliate Tracking for Paddle

Affiliate and referral marketing for Paddle merchants

Affiliate Corner

Find best affiliate programs & unlock niche insights


More than 500 TV channels and the best VOD content

Notion Social Media Kit

Grow your social media channels with Notion

Twixl Publisher

Create native apps and instantly manage all the app-content

Gift Card Directory

Where to find digital gift cards for major retailers

Insta360 Link

AI-Powered 4K webcam with gesture-control & privacy features

Customer Service Software Guide

Free E-Book by Juphy

Founders' Book

#1 Platform for founders and early-stage startups.

500+ Pro Pitch Decks by slidddo

Create outstanding presentations easier and faster

Voice Rhythm

Visualize your voice

Collab Spot

Instant collaboration for any website

Writely AI

Write more content, with less time

Ballpark Research Template Library

30+ templates for UX research, surveys and Figma prototypes

Daybridge Public Beta

A new calendar to help you make time for what matters

ERC Wizard

Create smart contracts without writing a single line of code

Light Users by Help Scout

Bring your whole company closer to customers

SMS Marketing Templates & Text Editor

The free tool for people interested in trying SMS marketing

So Cinema

Curated cinemas to heighten your movie viewing experience

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