Saving money should not require living in frugality!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

MoneyPlan$ is a budgeting tool that provide proactive guidance to stick to a budget, to smartly manage credit and debit, and to save money. MoneyPlan$ tells you How to use your debit and credit, not how you have used it. All the existing money management apps on the market tell you what you have spent and how you have spent it afterwards. They provide you with a picture of your money habits and spending. But MoneyPlan$ acts proactively by telling you: how much to spend on each card (debit card, credit card, store card), stop you from spending if it would affect your savings objectives or credit repayment, make you stick to your budget and save you money …and MoneyPlan$ takes away all the worries and stress related to money management so that you can focus on what is important…living life.

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