First even hybrid gaming platform

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

ForGnG is focusing on providing Gamers and Game Developers to connect mostly through fun interaction where Game Developers can create a page for their game, connect their steam game and fetch updates, create giveaways in return, connect with gamers, get feedback and much more. Gamers on the other hand can gain coins and achievements through interaction, buy featured games with the coins, create sponsoring and let other fellow gamers help for whether its a game or gaming accessory, connect with other gamers, chat, share, compete and create leaderboards, promote their twitch, youtube, twitter, steam e.t.c. Get giveaways, participate in upcoming tournaments and much more. ForGnG is still in beta testing, new features and fixes will be added constantly in the next few months. However, platform is functional for general use. First members will have the benefit of being flagged as first, get special achievement and get free coins instantly so they can start right away and many other benefits of being with us from the start and basically helping. Thank you!

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