internet of Elephants

We're on a mission to engage millions of people across the world with real wildlife using tech

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Internet of Elephants is a social enterprise that harnesses the power of games and social media to attract a massive audience to wildlife conservation. IoE is currently designing and building the first prototypes of online games to bring 20 million people all over the world closer to real wild animals. Not only will players connect to real, wild animals in a completely new way - playing the game will generate meaningful revenue that is directed back to participating wildlife conservation organizations. The company is now inviting wildlife conservationists, gamers, technologists, social entrepreneurs and interested individuals to help co-create the first game pilot over the next few months: "With more people playing mobile games, it is possible to connect players to wildlife by means of real animal data, and IoE is leading the way," says Gautam Shah, founder and CEO of IoE. "It's easy to imagine the day when wildlife will be as prominent as sports. Through games, we can reach a much wider audience, and we can offer them their first wildlife experience, hopefully sparking a lifetime of engagement.with animals and nature.“

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