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Database of 20,000 investors to fund your startup


Pet's care app connecting professionals and pet tutors.


Because law is hard.

Let's create financing 2.0 - All together

LIDO Learning

Live Online Classes & Free Content

Digital Profile

Replace your CV with a Digital Profile to get personalised career matches & professional development

SaaS Startup Kit

Golang Startup Kit for SaaS

Code Story

A podcast featuring tech leaders, reflecting on roads travelled & products created


Review your NDA with our A.I. It's free.

Formal Founder

Validate your business name instantly.

TechStop, On Demand Tech Services

Better, faster, cheaper tech support in a few buttons


The new standard for data import

Never overpay for a service on a holiday, again!

Hike - The SEO Solution For Startups

Hike - a platform to help startups climb up the rankings


Collect valuable user feedback with feature voting


Fanvestory is a marketplace for music copyright.


The payments platform that transforms your business.

BizLauncher is the simplest way to start your new business

Call Me Private

Virtual Numbers As A Service


Research a project market in just 7 seconds

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