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Friday, March 19, 2021

Become a pioneer in financing 2.0 If you could go back at the start of bitcoin would you invest in it? No, if you could go back in time and ivest in Elon Musk dream to build Teslas, would you invest in him thinking back ? Now this is possible with DDreams.io Blockchain is revolutionizing not only currencies but now financing. DDreams.io is a brand new way to find financing for all dreamers and on the other side, giving the investor the ability to trade and profit from their dreams. Hi, I’m Louis, a French entrepreneur with a dream, revolutionizing how entrepreneurs access success thanks to innovation and the blockchain. If you are a tech enthusiast or an NFT enthusiast, welcome to the new financing system on the blockchain. I was recently amazed by art pieces selling for tens of millions of dollars lately and that people were making a crazy return on investment, yet again the digital is rising to be the norm. The next big thing is here, putting a deeper meaning into NFT so that they hold value longer and gain more momentum. I’m currently creating the perfect solution for that, a product where you will be able to present your dream the best way thanks to tools integrated into the website and then release an NFT collection to finance your project. You will get the full amount when first sold at auction and then royalties on every sale from now on. The first tweet of Twitter just sold for 2.5M dollars, just imagine how much you could raise for a charity project, an impactful study on diseases, or a startup with an honest goal to reach. Let’s all create financing 2.0, make this one dream a reality and make 1000s of others also a reality. www.ddreams.io

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