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Launching Next has discovered 15 inbox startups.

Chili Piper Inbox

Collaborative and intelligent email for revenue teams


Smart inbox to get shit done


UseINBOX provides e-mail marketing solutions on a tailor-made basis via a self-service interface.

Boxy 2

Boxy is the best Mac client for Inbox by Gmail.

Free Your Inbox

Reach Inbox Zero in a Minute


Give a free dollar to charity every day

Your second inbox for newsletters, deals & spam.


Lightning de-clutter of inbox


Spend 90% less time on email

Inbox Index

Build more relationships with email intelligence


A New Kind of Inbox.

Inbox My Articles

Get top quality content from all over the web

Concept inbox

The best way to optimize the design process.


Upload as many files as you want, any size. No joke. Size limits are soooo 2012.

Payday loans

Easiest and fastest payday loans. Borrow money for any purpose with low monthly payments.

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