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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

InboxVudu automatically understands your emails so you don't have to check your inbox 50 times a day. Get automatic reminders of the emails you need to act on - no fluff, just focus on the messages that actually matter. - Super-intelligent, 100% automatic interpretation of your emails - our robots can read emails as well as humans do. - Automatic reminders of emails you need to follow up on - we use our language interpretation engine to figure out exactly what emails matter. No need to check your inbox fifty times a day - sit back, relax, and know that InboxVudu keeps you on top of everything. - Summarizing your IMPORTANT emails in an easy-to-read digest. Don't bother scrolling through hundreds of messages or searching your inbox. You get one digest, once a day, with everything you need to follow up on. Easy as 3.14! 100% Free.


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