artificial intelligence startups

We deliver the next generation audio splitting service with the help of neural network.

Traq365 Corporation

Use Traq365 to capture, transcribe, and analyze your meetings.


SEO Powered By Artificial Intelligence


AI-powered resume builder


Make exciting investment decisions you never imagined

Brainwave Research and Engineering Ltd.

A charity trying to create safe superintelligence.


Grocery shopping, automated.

Fastest Neural Network-based audio Transcription Platform


Get to Know More by Reading Less with AI and Blockchain-Powered Chatbot! is like having an entire in-house advertising department without the big expense

Live Emotion Recognition for Video Calls


Make karaoke out of any song with AI powered vocal remover


Attentive is a SaaS startup with an AI-based engine software focused on sales


Research a project market in just 7 seconds

Remoto AI

AI-first recommendations system for automakers & dealerships

Simple Intelligence

Maketplace for neural network models and APIs


An RSS News Reader that prioritizes the topics you care about.


Hire data professionals directly without recruiters using AI.

The A.I. that grows your professional network by making introductions over email

uKit AI

AI-based robot that turns your old website into a fresh, responsive and ready-to-use version in 10 m

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