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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Problem: Salespeople are expected to have thoughtful conversations with prospects while simultaneously documenting the conversation. Much of the conversational intelligence is lost because it's difficult to be fully engaged in a conversation and take thoughtful, comprehensive notes. Without the conversational information, sales reps and sales managers have very little line of sight into their deals. This means that the information needed to strategize on the opportunity is too shallow. And the insights that are individually identified are never organized and made actionable. If sales leaders and their teams could capture, mine, analyze and learn from this information, they could sell more effectively, accelerate their sales, and build stronger, more robust customer relationships. Solution: As a sales manager, I was always frustrated trying to assist my sales team. In particular, I wanted to make it easier for my salespeople to document their sales conversations so we'd have more information from which to build a winning proposal. We designed Traq365 to help salespeople capture, organize and act on the valuable customer and prospect intelligence hiding in their conversations. The platform records and transcribes your web conference calls. Then the AI mines the transcription for buried insights such as risks, tasks, and opportunities. Then it generates a report that distills the conversation into the most meaningful insights and actionable intelligence so that salespeople can focus on what matters most ... winning the business.

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