Attentive is a SaaS startup with an AI-based engine software focused on sales


Friday, April 6, 2018

Attentive is the augmented version of any CRM that solves these issues, and unlocks many more possibilities - we’re starting with augmenting Hubspot CRM. Teams connect their Hubspot account to Attentive, and instantly teams have a sales process that everyone can follow, as they get a list of tasks to do every day that will put everyone on the same page in under a minute per day. Having a sales process implemented and getting everyone to update their part very easily unlocks the ability to predict much more accurately how are your sales looking this month, what is the actual speed of the sales organization and also suggest what variable the team should work on that would have a bigger impact on their revenue. Additionally, if Attentive tells you that the most important thing to focus on is increasing your conversion rate we can suggest best practices on how to do so, and even suggest third party software that can help with that (e.g. prospecting tools to increase the number of deals).


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