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Friday, October 6, 2017

A WorkClub membership provides access to a range of hybrid workspaces, exclusive deals and other business related services for you and your business. Each hybrid workspace in our network offers comfortable seating options, reliable WiFi, a productive working environment and a range of exclusive deals for members. WorkClub is much more than just workspace provider. We are also a hospitality company, an innovative real estate company, a technology company and an innovator in the field of sustainability. Our business is about creating sustainable value, which is made possible by activating something that has previously sat empty and unused. Makes sense, right? We start by identifying the best possible venues across London. Then we temporarily convert these venues into hybrid workspaces, making them available to our members to use throughout the working week. WorkClub is the most affordable workspace solution. Our price of just £10 per month is not a gimmick to gain early customers. It is a sustainable value made possible by activating something that previously sat empty and unused. And for a limited time only, pay nothing by simply sharing the app with 5 friends per month. Your recommendation will mean the world to us!


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