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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Who: Created just a few months ago by (me), a high school junior attending Burlingame High School, Teenhired is a website with the potential to be an extremely valuable resource for career opportunities; just for students. When looking for jobs and internships, I noticed how not a single online job board just for students existed. Often times kids can only rely on window "Hiring" posters to find jobs. As a high school student, I understand the necessity for youth to seek a job when parents fully support their child. My dream is for Teenhired in which I have invested hundreds of precious hours and dollars creating, becomes a nationwide resource for students. What: Find Jobs, Internships, and volunteer openings! Teenhired is passionately driven to provide a place exclusively for high school and college students to distinguish themselves at the highest caliber possible. We enable companies to create job positions online while a clean interface helps the student search by keyword and location to find his desired search. I currently export many listings from popular site Indeed, yet would like to have a self-adding driven site. On Teenhired, you can contact or apply to the company, create an account, or follow on the various social media accounts I have set up.


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