business startups


The smartest eSignature solution for your business

BottomUp Skills

Online learning platform for innovators, product creators, and creatives.


Alert filtering for IT professionals

V-PA. Optimize your day

Focus on things you are good at.

Dots Social

Changing How People Connect

SP Solutions llc

innovative, multypurpose app, one app many tools .......


Imagine Business Insider meets Vice in a newsletter.


Email That Pays


The digital business card that helps you do more.


Analyze any investment property in seconds.

Hop Email

Give you email superpowers

BizLauncher is the simplest way to start your new business

Call Me Private

Virtual Numbers As A Service


Hop is a communication platform for perfect collaboration

Call Me Private

Virtual Numbers As A Service

Coaching for Geeks

Turning Geeks into Superheroes

Global Database

Globaldatabase provides the most accurate B2B data for companies and executives.

Back4app Parse Hosting Platform

Parse Made Simple

Your Easy Way to Successful Social Selling

Baking It

You bake, we do the rest!

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