Your closest friends and family at your fingertips. Automatic, phone-centric status.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prevoo is a status and location sharing app, and the best way to stay connected to your closest friends and family. Status updates automatically based on how someone is using their phone. Use Prevoo to: -See live status like when they're on a call, away from their phone, don't have reception, or their battery has died. -Get automatic notifications to know when they are around, so you can call or text when you're most likely to reach them. Now you'll know the answer to "are you okay?" by taking one glance at your phone. -View and share your location and ETA. Keep your eyes on the road instead of exchanging those endless “where are you?” texts. Safety and peace of mind all rolled into one. -Start a call or text from within the app, or communicate using your favorite messaging apps including WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger Say hello to peace of mind, and bye-bye to voicemail and endless phone/text tag! So gather the whole family – mom, dad, kids – and stay in touch throughout the day, even when you're away. Prevoo Family Status is a status, locator, and coordination app all in one.


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