Plum: Your Personal Savings Assistant on Messenger

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Plum is an automated savings assistant built to combat the UK's savings problem - namely, that 50% of us have less than £1,500 saved. The reasons for this savings shortage come down to friction, temptation and mediocre existing solutions. With Plum, we've created a better experience using world-class technology and data science. Plum uses AI algorithms to analyse your spending habits, predict your saving capabilities and puts money aside for you automatically. It lives on the web and on Facebook Messenger as your ever-funny and trusted sidekick. We’re a small team with a background in growing early stage startups to large established brands. Victor joined TransferWise when there were a handful of people in London and built the team that launched TransferWise in 25 countries. Alex scaled the payments infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of Tictail merchants. Plum is currently invite-only at More savings, zero effort.

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