Personal storytelling for friends and family


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

ONanON is a free mobile app for oral storytelling and communication between friends and family. Users create small conversation groups and take turns suggesting topics for each other (both serious and comical), and then they record their stories, thoughts, ponderings, or jokes in response to the topics. The topics push the conversation past a typical how's-the-weather conversation, and the quick and easy nature makes it very convenient to send a message. ONanON helps you stay in touch with old friends, learn more about new ones, and hear stories you've never heard from family members. By creating a more private space, you know exactly who is listening and what you want to share with them; this is the opposite of the generic, one-size-fits-all messages that are typically posted on social media for the whole world to see. ONanON is currently in an early release phase, and we would love to hear your feedback to help shape our future.


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