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Sunday, August 23, 2015

mypa is the intelligent calling screen that shows you everything you need to know about your contact before you pick up the call with a Material Design look&feel to ensure the best user experience. Our smartphone calls us with cool ringtones and pretty photos, but with almost no useful, practical information about who is calling. mypa is the app that answers the important questions about the contact calling you ā€“ what unfinished business do we have? When was the last time we communicated and about what? Is there something Iā€™m supposed to remember the next time I speak with her? mypa presents, right on the call screen, real-time information of recent and pending interactions with your contacts - like answered and unanswered emails, completed and missed calls, past and pending calendar events, notes you want to remember about your contact, etc. ā€“ ensuring that you are never unprepared when receiving a call from a client or contact. In addition, with mypa you can manage all your contact information in one place, and mypa will automatically handle contact housekeeping, like finding duplicates, bad email addresses, and information about where your contact works. It can also help you with daily time-consuming tasks like organizing a meeting or call, or pointing out unanswered emails that need follow-up.


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