Digitizing museums & personalizing visitor experience

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Muzeums digitizes museums & personalizes their visitor experience, by dynamically rearranging tagged, location based & experiential content. Muzeums has 2 major components from the customer point of view: 1. Digitizing - Turning objects into digital content - tagged, location based and experiential. This means an intuitive interface that helps create that content. Muzeums is compatible with international standards (Europeana, DPLA etc.), which means that institutions that are already digitized with those standards will have a much simpler process, and those who aren't will have an additional value from the process by adhering to those standards. 2. Personalizing - Muzeums offers access to all the raw content, but also profiles visitors and picks content according to that profile. The content can then be rearranged in many different structures - from tour guides to realtime interactive social games. This means that each institution can create predefined experiences, and/or let the visitor get a personalized experience from Muzeums. Premium customers will also be able to brand their own app, instead of using a channel in Muzeum's app.

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