Android Home screens That Pays You to Use Your Phone


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mulaah is a Free Android Launcher App that lets you choose a custom Homescreen and pays you Mulaah (M!) for each ad you see in the Homescreen for as long as it is active. Mulaah can be used to pay your pre-paid phone bills worldwide, or make purchases on amazon. You can even use your Mulaah for new themes or donate it to a local charities. Our CEO and Co-founder, Vernell Woods has released multiple innovative mobile technologies that have gained millions of users and hold related mobile patents to protect Mulaah. The rest of the executive team consist of industry experts and previous founders with over 10 years of experience in the telecom, advertising, and mobile technology industries having made over $100 million dollars in the US Lifeline Program since 2011. We have also brought in influential celebrities and Mobile Partners to ensure that we can easily reach our customer base. Mulaah is set to bring a major change to the mobile market in 2019.


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