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Monday, March 2, 2015

LocName, short for “Location Name”, is a web and mobile application which can be used by drivers, pedestrians, tourists, delivery agents, and anyone seeking to simplify urban mobility. By allowing users to give a GPS location a short name that is unique to them, a LocName, users can easily share locations with their friends and clients. People receiving the LocName can then use the app to find the other users’ locations using GPS navigation. In three steps, users can save each of their locations as personalized names in their new digital address book, LocName. Addresses are long and complicated, consisting of at least four different components. Some countries don’t even have names for all their streets! LocName aims to solve this problem by combining all these components into one short name that is easy to remember. Users start off by creating an account and entering the app. The first thing to do after that is to save a LocName. To do this, users simply allow the app to find their location using GPS, give it a name, and fill out additional details for confirmation of address. From there, users can share their LocName with friends via text, email or social media, who can then access that LocName and use GPS navigation to reach there. LocName is also working on an API for E-commerce websites to capture buyers’ exact locations, which will boost the user experience and expedite the shipping process by providing couriers accurate and verified locations. Early birds will gain access to perks, including free ad spaces and LocName APIs. To join the LocName partnership program, visit www.LocName.com/partners. LocName is the worlds new digital address book, saving all your favorite locations as personal names on your computer or smart phone. LocName has also announced an upcoming update that will allow users to find nearby places, like restaurants and gas stations, to accommodate their needs.

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