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Friday, July 8, 2016

Linkd gives you the opportunity to manage all your Twitter and Instagram accounts in one simple app. Cast an eye on your recent followers and unfollowers for a successful social media appearance. Keep an overview about new followers, new unfollowers, mutual followers, non followers and your fans, so you know exactly what's going on. Have a look at recent statistics about your followers and the people you follow. You will never lose the overview about your social business. Features ★ Manage all your Instagram and Twitter accounts: You can add and manage as many accounts as you want. ★ New followers and unfollowers: Check out who followed you recently and who unfollowed you. ★ Mutual followers: See your loyal friends. ★ Non-followers: Keep track of who is not following you back. ★ Fans: See all your fans who follow you. ★ Statistics: Check how your accounts develop and how many followers you have gained. Start now and increase your audience. Manage your social media accounts with Linkd.


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