A geographic Customer Relationship Management system


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A geographic customer relationship management system for all your CRM related tasks. Track Engagements -geoCRM creates a dynamic timeline of all customer interactions. Smart visual data - geoCRM uses colour visualization to make territory management easier. Helping you to never lose out on sale opportunities. Analytics and Insights - Using our mobile app you can access customer data wherever you go and turn it into sale opportnities. Access our web and mobile platform from anywhere. geoCRM offers you on demand services and ensures all your business data is securely stored on our trusted cloud storage. By using smart visual data territory management has never been easier. Colour coded pins assist you too quickly identify leads and sale opportunities. Easily increase sales volume by using geoCRM maps. Be in control of all your customer interactions. Record customer notes, follow up tasks and keep a record of everything that was discussed with a client using geoCRM. Using geo-coding we are able to automatically record all customer visits and time spend with customers. Effectively manage your visits by categorization. Add new customers to your marketing database through the geoCRM mobile app and never lose out on a sales opportunities.


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