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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friendsy is a new college-based social network aimed at helping students connect more richly with their classmates (in friendly and romantic ways), meet new people, and stay up-to-date on campus buzz. Users are contained to networks of only other students from their college (protected by a .edu email address). With our flagship Friendsy feature, users can be matched with those who feel mutually, whether friendly or romantic, while keeping their secrets safe. With our murmur feature, users can anonymously contribute to the college buzz or compliment their classmates. And with our ChitChat feature, users can meet new people and make new friends. Friendsy's two biggest separators from other apps are the enclosed college network, unique to Friendsy, which keeps students feeling safe and private, and the push toward happiness -- all user-generated content is moderated -- within the network. In its beta testing year, Friendsy has launched at 7 small schools, registering 10,000 users and 150,000 mutual matches, and September will bring the launch of the app at 50 new schools.

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