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Monday, October 17, 2016

Feedr is simple and beautifully created materialized Content Curator App that gives you feeds llike Interesting Articles, Videos from the internet that you are mostly interested in at your finger tap. Its our job to get best suitable content from web sources like Time,The New York Times and other best of all. We respect your interest so we enable you to see only those things that may influence you. Internet is full of billions of content which you will not be able to reach anytime. That's where Content Curators like us come to the circle. We handpick each post and article just for you.So that you can see more in less time. - Tell us your interested fields or categories at first signup so that we can customize the app the way you like. You can pin/unpin them later. - Explore visually creative hashtags that are tailored specifically to your interests. - You just have to swipe left or right to change your interest or topic. - You might want to share the web article or Youtube video or Instagram shots you like on Feedr. By that, you share stuffs with the people sharing the same mindset. - Tiered of liking every content you find interesting? Relax, We don't expect anything from you. Just scroll down to see more and more. - Share hashtags and feeds to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks from the App. - Follow your heart, follow your interest, not just People. You can reach us on http://feedr.xyz to learn more about the App.


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