Automatic video editing and compression


Saturday, September 5, 2015

People like sharing digital content in the form of photos, audio recordings and videos through their smartphones, but sharing self-shot videos poses problems for some users.These videos in their original form either have long durations or are too slow paced to provide an engaging viewing experience. Hence, this is one of the reasons people avoid sharing them with friends. Editing videos on the mobile is also not an easy task. It requires skill, effort and time. ‘Crispify’ helps people having difficulties in editing videos. Crispify is a patent-­pending, automated video tempo enhancement mobile app.The app automates the processes of video trimming and compression. It aims to improve the video quality by removing inconsistencies in the tempo of a video, compressing the file size, adding filters to make up for poor lighting. The unique aspect of the app is that it enhances the quality of video while also compressing the file size. The app uses an intelligent algorithm which automatically cuts off the idle frames from the video and makes the video more ‘lively’ or fast paced. Users can either shoot their own video or select videos from gallery. The app does not require an internet connection to function, can be minimised and run in the background. Users will be notified when the video is edited and ready.


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