Alterante Inc.

All your files in your pocket.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Alterante Inc. is advancing the way people find and share their digital stuff - photos, videos, documents. Alterante is a next-generation file manager that lets you privately search&access all files across all devices. Our Local/P2P approach eliminates delays due to slow uploads and cloud sync/storage solutions, saving substantial time,effort, and ensuring privacy. Alterante is a self-hosted personal cloud that runs on your devices, and puts all files at your fingertips. With Alterante, individuals no longer need to remember where files are located, or need to upload their content into the cloud to make them accessible. All files are instantly searchable and accessible from any device, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Because the product runs on local devices and uses available local storage, no additional hardware is required. Alterante runs on a distributed virtual filesystem that automatically discovers, organizes, and replicates all data in your device network, and provides instant secure access, even while outside the network (no VPN required). Current industry solutions for file management are anchored around two opposing paradigms. On one side, “on-premise” solutions that rely on locally owned-and-operated hardware & software. On the other, “pure cloud” solutions that host and manage data. Each of these present tradeoffs affecting universal access, data availability, total cost of ownership, and privacy. Alterante provides a no-compromise solution, where users can get the full benefits of universal access and automatic data management at a low cost, without sacrificing their privacy. BENEFITS Convenience: One universal app, for all your files on all your devices Privacy: Keep your sensitive files on your computer. Access them remotely via end-to-end encrypted channel. Speed: Blazing-fast search. Find & access any file in seconds. Alterante is in Beta1 phase (feature freeze). Free Edition is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

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