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Monday, March 28, 2016

AidMaid is a brilliant app because it avails personal safety and enforces values of community service, caring, helping, and becoming a watchdog all for the sake of personal safety and making our communities a safe place to live in. In some neighborhoods around the world, you can be taking your life in your hands every time you walk home at night. However with AidMaid on your Android or iOS, you'll be able to contact a hero nearby in a matter of seconds if you think you might be in danger. By pressing the 'panic' button or simply shaking your phone, AidMaid will immediately post an alert of the AidMaid alerts page, send a message out to your selected friends, call police and activate a loud siren. Friends, family members and nearby heroes will immediately know your exact location and will easily be able to come to the rescue or track your journey. If you are in unfamiliar territory, there's even a 'crime' option that warns you if you are close to a high crime area. As you are moving around, you just have to open the map to discover areas with high or low crime rate so you can avoid any dangerous areas that you might not be aware of. AidMaid is a relief to parents when their children go to a late night party. Rather than fretting all night about whether their youngsters might be in danger or roaming along unfamiliar streets, they can just use the AidMaid’s “Track Me” and/or “Live Streaming” to keep a track of their journey and destination. Effectively, you can be with them the whole way. They can even live stream their journey and show you exactly where they are going and what they are doing. All they have to do is push the 'shield' button or the 'live stream' option and they are immediately connected. For heroes who care to help those of need and want to be active in their communities, AidMaid has a 'discover' page which shows all nearby PANIC alerts. Download AidMaid to stay safe, protect your loved ones and make your neighborhood safer and more pleasant. Never worry again about being a victim of a crime.


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