motivation startups


Have a goal? Commit to it.

Mr. Habit

Mr. Habit - Your Personal Habits Agent

Rush Gum Co.

Do More - Wherever, Whenever.

Buddha Mobile Apps

Simplify Your Most Complicated Organizational Performance Challenges


Get stuff done by playing a game


SMS-based mindfulness and micro-journaling app


Track your workout or diet progress to stay motivated

Push Me

A positive life booster


Bet on your fitness goals, win cash and help charities!


Record inspiring messages today, get it tomorrow


Your goal-oreinted social network.


Next Gen Cycling Tracker

Find and book a personal trainer

Remember Win

Track your accomplishments before you forget them


Accept empowering challenges created by extraordinary individuals.

Raw Motion

Make the most of your UP by Jawbone

Promise or Pay

Make A Promise And Make A Better World

My Home dailymile

Share your training with friends and stay motivated. Find training partners, local events, routes, and groups. Social training for runners, triathletes, and cyclists.

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