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we have attained AI


Plug-and-play visual analytics for large data


Bring state-of-the-art Computer Vision Research to your Development.


AI-powered statistical database and tools for market analysts.


Hire data professionals directly without recruiters using AI.

Analytics Egg

Turning eCommerce data into actionable insights.


The data science platform without the pain.

Machine Learning Weekly

A hand-picked newsletter in machine learning & deep learning


Predict who is going to be your next prospect & get them to like you


A personal assistant who optimizes the business for you


An online career planning & talent sourcing platform ensuring the right match of skills & personalit

Connect and remix your data from any source or service


A career discovery platform powered by data science


Beautiful data insights


Innovating the future of the recruiting industry and shaping the careers of Europe’s best talents.

The Largest Sharing and Social Data Platform. We Provide Twitter and Facebook Buttons, Custom Audience Targeting, and more. AddThis

AddThis is the world's largest sharing platform. We use big data to help site owners and brands build digital audiences and use data to personalize experiences. We provide easy-to-use sharing buttons like the Facebook button, Pinterest button, Twitter button, and Google+ button. We also provide a trending link box, welcome message tool, and share plugin for your browser.

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