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Friday, February 12, 2016

UpScored is a career discovery platform that connects young professionals to their best career prospects. Our technology cuts through the noise of the job search by analyzing candidates’ individual skills, work experience, and education to offer a personalized set of opportunities. Sign-up takes less than a minute, and candidates are shown tailored job results in seconds. It is UpScored’s mission to help young professionals find their ideal careers - without the headache of the typical job search. Our algorithm uses data science techniques to go far beyond the simple keyword matching and basic filtering used by other career sites and job boards. The candidate uploads their resume and answers a few brief questions. The resume is scored against thousands of job descriptions in seconds, saving time and frustration. The technology learns from candidate preferences in real-time via a Pandora-like feature by which candidates can like/dislike prospects. Thus, the next batch of roles reflects both the skills and career interests of the candidate.


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