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CSV File Splitter

Split huge CSV files into smaller spreadsheet sheets

Defect Detective

Solve the mystery of who introduced defects

Understand your data in 3 clicks


Easily turn raw data files into charts and reports

Simplify Us

Outsource Google Analytics data analysis easily


Free Automated Web Scraping Tool

Helical Insight

A Business Intelligence Framework

Automated analytics for AdWords


The world's only affordable, easy heatmap analytics tool.


Natural language to SQL converter


Statistic easy to do, results easy to understand


Generate more leads, better leads


Your products are telling a story, MineWhat helps you find why some sell and some don't

Enterprise Data Management, Analysis and Mobilization Software - Sybase Inc

Sybase is an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software to manage, analyze and mobilize information for business intelligence, data warehousing and database management software solutions. We are a performance leader, proven in industries including capital markets. Our information management, analytics and enterprise mobility solutions have powered systems in financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

Online edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. Also Chicago Style Q&A, tools for editors, book.

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