Helical Insight

A Business Intelligence Framework

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Helical Insight software is world’s first business intelligence framework which helps you to make sense out of your data and make well informed decisions. Helical Insight is an open source developer friendly BI framework. Creation and consumption or BI solution everything is web based. Helical Insight uses Java as back end and HTML, JavaScript as it's front end. Helical Insight allows you to connect to any database, flat files, big data, API or any other custom data source. For reports and dashboards creation, it allows three methods (1) Instant BI : With an integrated machine learning and NLP, it allows you to just type your question along with filters and get instant business answers. This could be in terms of reports, dashboards, geographical dashboard etc. The same interface could also be used for customizing/ (2) Self service BI : For slightly advanced user it provides option to drag and drop, add filters and create reports and dashboards on the fly without any technical knowledge. It has placed holders to add javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX etc for further customization. (3) EFW : For advanced users like developers it also allows the option to use any editor and create analysis. Helical Insight is having many other like exporting, email scheduling, user role management, advanced statistical and scientific charts for data scientists, multi-tenant support, mobile and tablet compatibility etc. Some of the USP of helical Insight includes !) Inbuilt workflow : Helical Insight is the first tool in the market to come with an inbuilt workflow This allows you to define which action will happen, when it will happen and how will it happen. For example, keep on checking some value, once it reaches certain threshold create a report and save it on FTP and email schedule it. There could be various other number of use cases like this. 2) API Driven Interface : Helical Insight is a first completely API driven interface. It empowers developers to add functionalities without depending on the vendor. Using API you can add charts inside adhoc or inside machine learning module, using API you can add any new data type, using API you can add any new exporting type, using API you can add more configuration inside email scheduling etc. Functionality at each and every place can be extended. 3) Instant BI: Helical Insight comes with an integrated machine learning and NLP module. This allows you as a business user to interact with your data, ask questions and get relevant answers from it.

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