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Victor Voice

Transcribe, translate, and generate audio in multiple languages

Angle Audio

Social Audio as a Service: Gets the internet talking


A social audio space for professionals, experts and enterprises


our personal Radio Jockey! Powered by AI.

AI Mastering

AI-powered audio mastering service

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushionâ„¢

The ONLY cushion that brings you an immersive audio experience

Toddler's Audio Player

A super simple audiobook and music player for kids who can't read yet


Record 60 seconds of audio and then layer with images and GIFs


Voice based social networking app

Shouter - Making Voice Social Again

A life-friendly, audio-focused communication app.

Audio summaries of the best books for entrepreneurs

Anti Tapes

Future sound of UI interactions

The Record

Record, transcribe and summarize your meetings automatically


1st HD Camera Wristband for Apple Watch

BRiN - Your Personal Business Advisor

The World's First Business Advisor In Your Pocket


SoundGym is a Gym Membership for your ears: develop pro listening skills with ease


Create, Customize & Share YouTube videos, GIFs, music or recordings!


Pronounce Names Right


Fits in, Stands out


LED Light Show Devices for Music

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