SoundGym is a Gym Membership for your ears: develop pro listening skills with ease

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

SoundGym is a new audio ear training platform for recording musicians and sound enthusiasts. Video: Using gamification techniques, SoundGym offers fun and easy way for helping musicians and producers develop great ears, and get better sounding music. Founder Noam Gingold, a sound designer and musician, explains: "Great ears are the key to producing great sounding music. At the age of home studio, while almost anyone can make music in his own bedroom, developing pro listening skills is still a long and frustrating process. SoundGym offers a fun and effective way to accelerate the learning curve" SoundGym presents variety of sound games that help users to improve crucial listening skills like frequency detection, compression, spatial impression and more. SoundGym is just like a gym for the ears. Users get a new audio workout every day. They play a series of personalized sound games. Each game is focused on a specific skill, providing a comprehensive learning experience. SoundGym track user's performance and set the training level accordingly so the users stay challenged. It enables users to track stats and progress, follow friends, compare scores with others, achieve goals, win awards and get special prizes.

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