Exercise and diet plans personalized by lifestyle

Monday, June 21, 2021

At ZapTrain we are taking a new approach to the online fitness model. We connect you with your own fitness coach based on your goals and lifestyle. Your coach will provide you with personalized exercise and nutrition plans, accountability coaching, daily motivation, and more!

It works by you choosing between one of our three packages. You then fill out a consultation form and based on all of your information we match you with an ideal personal trainer. That trainer then sets up a 30-minute initial consultation call and learns all about you, your fitness goals, and your lifestyle. They take all of that information and write you a personalized daily exercise and diet plan on a monthly basis. They follow up with everything in our ZapTrain app. In the app you have access to your daily plans, text messaging with your trainer 24/7, and depending on the plan you choose optional live video chat sessions in the app.

We focus on using a combination of technology and human engagement to create the ultimate online fitness experience. Using this combination we are able to create real lifestyle changes within our clients, leading to lifelong results and not just temporary dieting results.

ZapTrain is aiming to make personal training available for anyone and everyone. We made having a personal trainer more affordable, available to you whenever, and flexible allowing you to work out when you want to and with the comfort of knowing exactly what you should be doing.

We're all different and your fitness plan should be as different as you. No matter what your starting point is, how busy your life gets, or what your goals are, we have a trainer specifically for you.

We have a goal to transform the lives of millions and for those results to last a lifetime. We are not only focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals but also guiding you into a healthier lifestyle leading to lasting results.

We hope that by improving the lives of millions through fitness we can make the world a better place. To empower people with the confidence that they can do anything, feel better in their day-to-day lives, and create a lasting impact.

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