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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Market Research? Check. Content Marketing? Check. Competitor Analysis? Check. xiQ was built to distill the massive amounts of information online into real-time, actionable intelligence. Everyone from Chief Marketing Officers to social media experts to Small/Medium Businesses (and startups!) can utilize our Content Curation Platform, which allows for straight-forward topic customization. Everything from IoT to Yoga can be curated from over 20,000 different online sources, including Twitter and RSS feeds. These topics are then curated with the help of an artificial intelligence, and then published to the platform and audience of your choice. Utilize further analytics to identify your top engaging customers, best topics to focus on, and more. As readers of Launching Next, we'd like to extend a free trial offer. Sign up for a demo ( http://bit.ly/1IbIWR9 ), and just let us know you came from here!

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