Wysh - Give the perfect gift, every time.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wysh allows you to give the perfect gift, every time. We’ve created a seamless way for you to keep a list of items you want and for you to see a list of what all your friends and family want. We’ll also remind you well in advance of important days so you can get the perfect gift quickly and easily and make that person’s day. It’s all well and good to know what your friends want but we also want you to discover new products for yourself, so our discovery news feed finds you items that you like based on what you are searching for and adding to your list. Our target audience is 12 - 50, individuals, families, couples and friends. Giving gifts is a cultural norm in almost all societies so our app is targeted to those people. Our competitors are apps like Listly, Giftry. We feel our app is better than competitors for the following reasons: User focused Simplified UI Robust feature set that solves the problem of gift giving end to end Intelligent search / discovery Our strength is that we have built with the user in mind and we innovate based on what it will take to make this problem as seamless as possible. Our weakness is like most apps in the way that a few massive companies could quickly spend a lot of money and replicate our service quickly. We have developed the app in house and design it ourselves. The app is free for everyone to use.

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