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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Your home value is subjective. It can't be quantitatively measured easily. Even appraisers would come up with different values on the same house. Websites like Zillow are notoriously wrong on home values for that reason. When you want to know the value of your home, there is usually a reason. You want an accurate idea of what a buyer would likely pay for it. The people that know that are real estate agents. They are good at figuring out which houses are most similar to yours that have sold recently, and how that stacks up with what's currently on the market. Banks don't get appraisals when they value portfolios. They use real estate agents. Banks get something called a Broker Price Opinion. Just like you get when you are meeting with a real estate agent. What Homing In does is give you the same power the banks have to value your home, without having to have any real estate agents come to your house. This is how it works. Using our mobile app you enter your address and enter any photos or notes of your house/condo/townhome, etc. Once you're done you can go about your day, and watch as values come in from different real estate agents who know your local market. They can't call you, text you, or bother you in any way. You'll see all the agents responses and all their contact info if you have more questions. Its free and easy to use.

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