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Monday, May 30, 2016

The "E-Harmony" of the athletic sponsorship world. Matching athletes, teams and events up with companies looking to use sponsorship as a part of their brand marketing. Using compatibility factors to find the best matches, means a higher quality of sponsor partnerships, that will last longer and benefit everyone more. WeRaven covers all athletic niches and sports, including athletes at all levels of competition, local and international events, and companies who both directly and indirectly service the athletic industry. The goal of WeRaven is to make sponsorship fun again! To do this we are first focusing on simplifying the way people search for sponsors, giving people a sophisticated search engine to one of the largest and most targeted pools of viable sponsors to search through. We are then creating a means to measure and maintain the quality of partnership over time. Using social media monitoring systems to help track the ongoing value of their partnership, and ensure the other party is staying accountable to the agreement terms. We don't believe sport sponsorships should be available only to the best of the best who are bringing home gold medals. They serve their roll, but so do the inspirational stories of people at different levels of competition, and we want to help them let their stories shine.

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