Weld takes the complex task of scheduling and makes it easy to complete on your iPhone!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Our mission is to simplify complex tasks down to simple actions that you can complete on your smartphone. We are starting with the frequent and tricky task of scheduling by bringing together the right context and action buttons to make it easy. One of the problems with scheduling is the disconnect between your email and calendar. Scheduling emails are on one screen and your calendar displayed on another — this works well enough on the desktop, but switching between apps can be a non-starter on the phone. And as you are deciding on a time to meet, you end up sending emails back and forth in order to nail down a time. Weld simplifies the way you view and interact with scheduling emails by bringing together the context of your calendar with your email -- and providing one touch buttons to quickly schedule a meeting and have a conversation to coordinate details. With Shared Availability, you can see when your colleagues, customers, and friends are free to meet. Shared Availability lets you cut down the back and forth. With inline action buttons, you can confirm your availability, add the meeting to the calendar, and send a reply all in a single click.


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